Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights

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Consumer rights

The staff of the City of Marion Community Care team respect the rights of our clients to receive individually tailored services appropriate to their needs.

As a client using, or applying to use, Community Care services you have the right to:

  • Be assessed for services without discrimination
  • Be fully informed and make choices between available services
  • Appeal any decision regarding service provision made by City of Marion Community Care Services and programs
  • Refuse services
  • Involve an advocate of your choice
  • Withdraw consent at any time
  • Request access to personal information held be Council
  • Complain and to have that complaint detail with fairly

For more information access the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for Home Care(313 kb)



You have the right to an advocate of your choice to support you. An Advocate is a person who may 'stand beside' you and speak on your behalf to protect and promote your rights. This can be a family member, carer, friend, neighbour or other representative of your choice, or you may call on the following agencies for support or someone to act on your behalf:

Aged Rights Advocacy Service Inc.
Phone: 8232 5377

Disability Advocacy & Complaints Service of SA Inc.  
Phone: 8297 3500


Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) priority groups

May include, but are not limited to, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, persons with dementia and financially disadvantaged persons.


Non-identifying, statistical information:

Non-identifying, statistical information is collected as part of Commonwealth and State Government reporting requirements for Community Care, also for administration. This is to enable a Government auditor to inspect records to ensure the Home Care Standards are met.

Your consent will be sought before this statistical information is sent to Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), you have the right to refuse consent, this will not affect any services you may be eligible for.


Confidentiality and privacy

The following guidelines will be followed to ensure your information is secure and treated in a confidential manner at all times:

  • Any information obtained by Community Care relating to clients, will be regarded as confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than that for which it is given
  • Personal information collected will be limited to that which is relevant and necessary to the clients’ involvement with Community Care
  • Information of a personal nature will be stored securely and disposed of in a way which maintains confidentiality



Access to personal information

Community Care staff have a duty of care to share client's personal information with appropriate staff in instances where it is necessary to ensure both the client and the staff/volunteers personal and/or emotional safety. All other information will be protected.

  • Personal information will not be discussed or released without prior consent from the client, their advocate or legal guardian
  • The client has the right to view any personal information held by Community Care
  • The City of Marion process to access personal information will be followed and a copy of this provided to each client upon request 


Complaints and feedback

Your right to express concerns or complain is important and will be encouraged. We will actively seek your feedback because it is an essential component of continuous improvement:

  • Anyone who uses, or intends to use, a Community Care service has the right to complain or raise issues of concern about any aspect of that service
  • Services to you will not be affected as a result of any complaint you may make
  • Anyone lodging a complaint will receive a prompt, fair and non-discriminatory response
  • Community Care staff will endeavour to create an environment which makes you feel safe and comfortable enough to express any concerns or complaints you have
  • Your comments will be actively sought and acknowledged as an important aspect of service review
  • Intimidation or threats of reprisals against anyone wishing to make a complaint will not be tolerated. Any claims of this behaviour should be reported immediately. Your report will be treated seriously and dealt with promptly
  • If you are not satisfied with a decision made, you have a right to appeal against that decision
  • Although every effort will be made within Council to reach a conclusion which resolves the situation, it is recognised that this may not always be possible
  • You may appoint someone of your choice to act on your behalf (e.g. family member, friend or independent party)
  • It is expected complaints of a simple nature will be responded to within one day and serious or formal complaints will be responded to within one week

You can lodge a complaint by contacting Community Care.


Unresolved complaints

If you have an unresolved complaint, please contact Community Care first as every effort will be made to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

However, it is recognised that this may not always be possible. If this is so, you may contact any of the following agencies for support:

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
Phone:1800 550 552

Aged Rights Advocacy Service Inc.
Phone: 8232 5377

Department of Social Services  - Feedback Coordination Team
Phone: 1800 634 035

Disability Advocacy & Complaints Service of SA Inc.
Phone: 8297 3500

State Ombudsman
Phone: 8226 8699


If you require assistance

Non-English speaking clients can receive assistance from the Translating and Interpreter Service (TIS) on 131 450.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment the National Relay Service is available and can be contacted on 133 677 (TTY/voice calls), 1300 555 727 (Speak & Listen) or 0423 677 767 (SMS relay). 


Rights and responsibilities

Services funded by the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) are required by Government to maintain certain standards in order to provide quality care. 


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