Development Plan

Community consultation: Recreation/Community Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

In South Australia, policies relating to development are contained within statutory documents called Development Plans. Each local council has its own Development Plan.

The Marion Council Development Plan spells out the desired character for different parts of the Council area designated as zones and policy areas.

The plan describes the types of development preferred in each zone and policy area, and the criteria against which development applications will be assessed. Other council-wide policies cover a range of social, environmental and economic matters.

You may view the current Marion Council Development Plan here, or by visiting the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure website.

Alternatively, it may be viewed during normal business hours from the following offices:

  • City of Marion
    245 Sturt Road, Sturt SA 5047
  • Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure 
    5th Floor, Dame Roma Mitchell House, 136 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
Recreation/Community Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

We are currently consulting on a Council proposal to rezone a number of recreation grounds and community centres in order to support future development and use of these facilities.

Council’s major recreation grounds and some of the larger community facilities are currently located within a “Residential Zone” or “Open Space Zone”.

These zones are not appropriate for larger scale recreation and community facilities as they are quite restrictive in the type of land usage.

The Amendment (DPA) proposes to change the Development Plan by rezoning these facilities to "Community Zone". The recreation facilities are proposed to be covered by a "Recreation Policy Area". The changes would provide better alignment with future plans for these sites.

The release of the DPA for public consultation provides an opportunity for adjacent property owners and other interested parties to provide feedback to Council before Council proceeds further to finalise the draft DPA. Council will consider all representations received during the consultation period and review the contents of the DPA in light of such submissions.


Marion Council Planning Maps

The planning maps below may assist you in identifying particular planning zones and policy areas.