Protecting our environment and preparing ourselves for a future that requires us to have a better understanding of the sustainable limits of our world, is a significant challenge for governments and the community.

Action is needed at both the global and local level to ensure we can protect and restore the environment that we have, control further negative impacts and adapt to changes such as climate change.

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Our approach to a healthy environment

The City of Marion provides a range of physical, social and developmental services to our community. To ensure effective environmental performance in all activities, the City of Marion is committed to achieving a healthy environment and aims to integrate environmental considerations with economic, social and cultural factors.

The overarching objectives of Council’s approach are to:

  • Ensure Council can continue to deliver its services efficiently and effectively to the community.
  • Equip Council with a robust framework to proactively seek opportunities, knowledge and partners to effectively manage environmental challenges and opportunities into the future.
  • Build the capacity and capability of Council to lead the community in responding to the environmental challenges and opportunities presented to the city.
  • Ensure Council’s environmental response is capable of adaptation in light of international protocols, technological change, community readiness, state and federal policy and legislative change and improved knowledge.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into Council’s day to day operations.


Further information

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