Hard Rubbish Collections

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The City of Marion has a hard waste collection service for all Marion residents. Each household can have a maximum of two collections per financial year.

The maximum amount of material collected each time is one cubic metre. See below for more information.

Please note that Council does NOT collect commercial waste or rubbish from businesses. Businesses will need to make their own arrangements, possibly with a commercial contractor.


Don't want to wait for a hard rubbish collection?

If you don't want to wait for a hard rubbish collection, try using a Tip Ticket.

A Tip Ticket replaces one of your annual hard rubbish collections and entitles you to take one cubic metres worth of materials to a selected transfer station for FREE at a time that suits you.

Items not accepted for hard rubbish collections such as bulk green waste may be acceptable at the transfer station through mutual agreement.

For more information contact Council.


Maximum amount collected

Council will collect a maximum of one cubic metre - about a 6 x 4 trailer filled to the level of normal height sides.

Excess material will be left and the resident will be responsible for the removal. Note that an expiation fee (fine) may apply as items left on public property constitutes illegal dumping.


Types of items collected/not collected
Items collected include:
  • Household white goods, e.g. fridges, washing machines, stoves. (For safety reasons, fridge doors must be removed).
  • Household furniture, e.g. cupboards, chairs, beds (see below for more on mattresses).
  • Scrap metal. (Items such as free standing swings must be dismantled.)
  • Floor coverings/carpets, rolled up and securely tied. (Maximum 1.5 metres long and 30cm diameter.)
  • General electronic waste. (This excludes TVs, computers and computer accessories. Find out how to recycle them on the Electronic Waste page).
  • Hot water services.
  • Small piles of bundled wood.
  • Household appliances.
  • Lawn mowers.
  • Air conditioners.

Note: Common sense applies, if you are unsure of any item/s, please see the below contact details.


Mattresses can be placed on the nature strip for hard rubbish pick up however they are going to be collected and recycled via a third party.

When the Hard Rubbish Team come across a mattress, they will leave it behind along with a flyer advising the resident the mattress will be collected as soon as possible.

Please note: the booking process remains unchanged and customers must contact the City of Marion to register for a hard rubbish collection.

Items NOT collected include:
  • Household recyclables, e.g. cardboard, green waste - dispose to yellow or green-lidded household bins.
  • Car bodies, car parts and tyres (metal components accepted by scrap metal merchants and tyres can go back to participating garages).
  • Gas cylinders.
  • Building materials from the erection, demolition or renovation of a property (take to a waste disposal/transfer station such as Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre on 181 Morphett Road, North Plympton).
  • Hard rubbish exceeding 1 cubic metre.
  • Building waste such as brick, dirt, stone, tiles, concrete (take to a waste disposal/transfer station such as Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre, 181 Morphett Road, North Plympton).
  • Rainwater tanks and other large items.
  • Items accepted through the National Product Stewardship Scheme (including televisions, computers and computer accessories. Find out how to recycle them on the Electronic Waste page).
  • Liquid waste or paint (dry out and dispose of the paint then the clean and dry recycling tin can go in the yellow bin).
  • Hazardous products, toxic substances, explosives or ammunition.
  • Noxious weeds or vines.
  • Window glass.
  • Vegetation (goes in the green-lidded organics bin so long as it does not exceed 15cm in width and fits in the bin).
  • Food scraps (goes in the green organics bin).
  • Any item which may endanger the collection personnel (e.g. fuel and other combustible items).
  • Cardboard (check on the internet for your nearest collection site).
  • Household rubbish (goes in the red-lidded garbage bin).


Packaging and weight of items

If items are placed out in bags and/or boxes, they must be secure enough that they will not break open when either lifted or affected by rain, etc. All items for collection must be able to be easily lifted by a single Council collector.

Please note the special requirements for some items (e.g. fridges need to have the door/s removed, double mattresses folded in half and tied securely) as outlined in the item above.


Placement of the items for collection

Place the item/s to be collected on the 'verge' section of the footpath (the area between the fenceline and the kerb) in a neat and orderly manner, taking special care not to obstruct access to pedestrians. Items must not be put out until the Sunday prior to collection.

NOTE: Collection staff will NOT come onto private property to remove hard rubbish items under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the resident to place the items on the verge.


Booking procedure

Collections are usually done on a weekly basis. Council will require the following information when 'booking' a collection:

  • Nature of the items to be collected (to ensure they fall within the Council guidelines outlined above).
  • The name, address and a daytime contact telephone number of the person making the request.
  • Location of the collection point if not at the above address (e.g. booking for another location or person).

At the time of booking, the resident will be advised of the date of the next available collection period. A letter will be sent out approximately two weeks prior to collection date including details of hard rubbish collection guidelines such as the type of items collected, packaging requirements, etc.

In addition, a "Pre Booked Hard Rubbish Collection" sticker will be enclosed in the aforementioned letter and is to be placed on the hard rubbish collection. This sticker shows the collection is pre-booked and hopefully discourages other people from adding to the collection.


Contact details

For further information on hard rubbish collection, contact the City of Marion at:

Customer Service Centre

Phone: 8375 6600
Fax: 8375 6699
Email: council@marion.sa.gov.au