Spillsafe Mats (vehicle washing mat)

Spillsafe VehicleTo prevent stormwater pollution, it's best to wash your vehicles on grass, or use a Spillsafe Mat if that's not an option.

These vehicle washing mats have been purchased by the cities of Marion and Mitcham for use by the community.

They are portable, pliable, roll out onto any surface and prevent stormwater pollution by capturing dirty wastewater from vehicle washing.

The wastewater can either be directed to sewer (if volumes of liquid are small) or pumped onto a garden or lawn. A pump is supplied with the unit. Make sure you use low phosphate, biodegradable detergents.

Please be aware that SA Water restrictions may limit use of these mats. You have the responsibility to comply with these restrictions and arrange a permit if required. 

The mats come in two sizes, one is suitable for washing a car (6m x 2.5m) and the other is for a small bus/truck or two cars (7.5m x 3m).

Hire of the mats is free, however a deposit of $50 is required for security.


Booking the mats

The Spillsafe Mats can be booked by calling City of Marion's City Services on (08) 7420 6408 (please call two or three days in advance). The mats can be collected between 8am and 3pm weekdays from:

City Services
935 Marion Road, Mitchell Park SA 5043