Sustainable Living

Our community is interested in living a sustainable lifestyle to create healthier lives and enhance wellbeing. When many people make small changes, together we make a big difference.

There are lots of ways to live more sustainably, start where it’s right for you.

Whether you want to improve biodiversity in your backyard, reduce your energy consumption or switch to renewables, there are ways and means to learn more and get connected to others who can support you.


Butterfly iconWildlife friendly gardens

If you have a front or backyard, create a garden that provides habitat for native animals such as butterflies, birds, frogs and lizards.


Light globe iconEnergy efficiency

Make sure you are using your energy as efficiently as possible to reduce greenhouse gases and save money on energy bills – without compromising on lifestyle.


Wind farm 1Renewable energy

You can use renewable energy to power your home either by installing a solar system or purchasing GreenPower through your energy supplier.


Car icon 1Transport

Walking or riding a bike can improve your health, reduce travel costs and make our cities more liveable. Public transport could save you time and money. If you need to drive, make sure you do it as efficiently as possible.


Water droplets iconClean stormwater

Keeping our stormwater system clean helps our waterways and oceans to stay healthy. Our stormwater system is directly connected to our creeks and rivers, and these flow straight to the sea.


Reducing Waste Bin-icon

There are many ways you can avoid or reduce the amount of waste you create and lessen your impact on the environment.