Marino Community Garden Licence

Marino Community Garden’s licence is a legal agreement between the City of Marion and Marino Community Garden Inc.

It outlines the terms and conditions for Marino Community Garden Inc, to use a portion of public land to establish and manage a community garden, including:

  • Having written approval from Council before erecting any structures.
  • Maintaining all structures to good and safe repair.
  • Storing all materials and equipment securely so they don’t cause damage or injury.
  • Being responsible for its property, materials and equipment.
  • Removing all rubbish and keep the area clean and tidy.
  • Maintaining insurance for public liability, contents and building.
  • Ensuring all edible plants are grown in raised beds and not the natural soil.
  • Not parking on the reserve without written consent from Council. Dropping off or loading goods is permitted, using a designated pathway approved by Council.
  • Seeking advice from Council before implementing a composting system.
  • Taking all reasonable steps to prevent outbreaks of pests.
  • Using certified clean soil, compost or fill.
  • Having regard to Council’s guidelines and/or standards regarding animal and pest management.
  • Not stockpiling any materials likely to cause a hazard or attract pests. 
  • Not using chemicals without approval from Council. Any approved use must be undertaken in accordance with Council’s guidelines relating to pest control and chemical handling.

Visit the Marino Community Garden webpage for more information about the garden.