First dog park for City of Marion - Reserve Street Reserve

Read about the first dedicated dog park at Reserve Street Reserve in Trott Park.

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

City Limits - April 2016 - issue 51 - magazine cover

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The news that the first dedicated dog park in the City of Marion will open soon has been met with a thumbs up from pet owners.

Dogs will run free in a fully enclosed area at Reserve St. Reserve, Trott Park from June.

The 10,000 sq m park will cost $226,000 with Council providing $126,000 and the State Government $100,000.

The park will be surrounded by a 1.8-metre high fence with three airlock gates and located about 30-metres from the nearest homes to alleviate noise concerns.

It will include an irrigated turfed area, two drink fountains and dog bowls, two benches and landscaping.

For local residents Liz and Gem Ali, the day when they can exercise their twin Kelpies off-leash can’t come soon enough.

“It will be so good to take the leashes off our dogs and see them run free,” Mrs Ali said.

“There are lots of dog owners in this area, so the park is really needed.

“We were involved in community consultation on the park last year and will be here with our dogs Willow and Shana as soon as it opens.”

After being presented with a draft concept plan of the park in May last year local residents made it clear they wanted it to be bigger.

City Limits - April 2016 - issue 51 - dog park

Council voted to increase the size of the park from 4150 sq m to 10,110 sq m at a General Council meeting in October.

Work to build the dog park will begin in April.

Reserve Street Reserve includes a playground, barbecue and kick about area which is separated by the fence around the dog park.


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