Hooked on pegs - the story of Hegs

Read about an award winning Tonsley peg manufacturer doing great things.

City Limits - Issue 51 - April 2016 - Hegs A business in Tonsley has achieved international recognition by producing an award-winning clothes peg and defying the trend for offshore manufacturing by shifting its production back to South Australia from China.

Hegs Australia’s rapid rise began when founder and CEO Scott Boocock was hanging his wife’s cocktail dress on the clothes line at their McLaren Flat home in March 2012 and was confronted with a problem – how to secure the dress with a peg without leaving a mark.

Finding a solution set Mr Boocock on a new career path, adding to his work as an agent for entertainers and key note speakers by inventing and manufacturing the heg – a clothes peg with two hooks on it that can hold multiple items without leaving marks.

An appearance on Channel 10’s Shark Tank reality business show last year saw Mr Boocock secure investment from entrepreneur Naomi Simson, paving the way to international success.

Ms Simson’s visit to Hegs to check on their progress will air on Shark Tank in May.

Now exporting to 18 countries, including Canada, the USA, Japan, South Africa and Europe, the company is ramping up its output in a bid to produce 53 million pegs this year which will find their way into more than 1630 Australian shops and 10,000 supermarkets and camping stores internationally.

Mr Boocock attributes the company’s success to innovation and marketing.

“I created the heg to fill a gap in the market, be good quality and easy to use, and then built the brand and secured distributors, the first of which was Drakes Supermarkets,” Mr Boocock said.

“The heg was initially made in China but I moved production to South Australia, saving money and time in shipping costs.

“I chose orange as the colour as a tribute to my first car which was an orange 1983 Datsun 120Y.”

The heg is made from injection moulded plastic and is UV stabilised, designed to be weather resistant and shatter proof and to last years.

More than 50 people from nine local companies are involved in producing the product which is assembled by disability support organisation Orana.

Mr Boocock said he was preparing to launch a new clothes line.

“I enjoy bringing a product to market and we will launch a new eco-friendly clothes line in six months,” he said.

“Tonsley’s ideal to work from as it’s close to the airport, major roads, the CBD and is an innovative space.

“If you can market a heg to the world… what else can you do?”

Hegs won the 2015 SA Telstra Business of the Year award and the 2014 International Good Design award.


This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

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