New 370-metre stormwater drain nears completion

Read about a new 370-metre drain to reduce flooding in the south-west of Glengowrie.

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

City Limits - April 2016 - issue 51 - magazine cover

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Work to build a new 370-metre drain to reduce flooding in the south-west of Glengowrie is expected to be completed in late April.

The drain cost $280,000 and aims to remove excessive stormwater from Panton Crescent and Whiteleaf Crescent and the junction that brings together St Peters Way and Chalfont Way.

Staff from the City of Marion have been responsible for surveying the site, designing the system and began building the drain January.

The project is part of a long-term joint Stormwater Management Plan developed in conjunction with the City of Holdfast Bay to reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses across shared catchment areas.

The City of Holdfast Bay has contributed $86,000 towards construction costs as it hosts about 90-metres of the drain.

The system includes six side entry pits which remove water from roads.


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