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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

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Advocacy is a big part of a Councillor’s job specifications and as the Federal election looms closer, We intend to advocate big time. Shall we say that we intend to ensure that the “squeaky wheel gets the most grease” with no less than two marginal Federal seats in Marion. Apart from Federal funding for the Mitchell Park Sports and Community Hub and the Edwardstown Sporting Hub there is that elephant in the room.

You guessed it:- the Oaklands Crossing!

For over 30 years we have been awaiting a bridge/tunnel solution at the intersection of two major roads and a rail corridor. I am chuffed to advise that the Marion Council has a significant budget put aside to campaign/lobby on your behalf to finally bring about an engineering solution to this dreadful rail crossing.

The campaign includes paid radio and newspaper adverts, a billboard at the intersection, letterboxed leaflets and a social media blitz to name a few strategies. Any self-respecting Federal candidate is on notice that we mean business on this issue.

We have had $2 million spent on a study, plenty of Poli speak and those staged meetings, we now want a financial commitment to construct.

Please help us help you! Contact your candidates of all political persuasions in the seats of Boothby and Hindmarsh and ask them to commit to funding this project and join in with us by attending events planned during this Federal campaign.

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the most grease?

Councillor Bruce Hull

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