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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

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Tonsley is bursting with opportunities, for the suburb of Tonsley will be on the new South Rd, on the train route to Flinders, and be a major technology and business hub. With 2,000 students at Flinders Computing, Engineering and Science Building,, and TAFE having 800 tradespersons, there is a base for growing high technology. Siemens sits beside many pod commercial buildings. Come in and walk this new Tonsley!

Clovelly Park South students and business people are being included in the Tonsley suburb. Residents of Tonsley suburb will need to change their addresses, but they may benefit by having their home identified as being near the Tonsley work hub. The Tonsley train will travel above Sturt Road and South Road to the Flinders Medical and Flinders University main campus. There will be walking and cycling paths beside the train-line.

With the Darlington Expressway upgrade being such a huge project, at the Community Liaison Group I continue to express my disappointment at the felling of significant gum trees. I shall also check the designs of the South Road seven metre deep channel for accessibility of local people over the connecting bridges at Flinders Drive, Sturt Rd and Mimosa Drive. Soon the busiest stretch of road in South Australia, from the Southern Expressway to Ayliffes Road, will be under construction. During construction, the digging of the South Road channel will divert cars down our residential streets for a while.

I look forward to seeing you at an event during history South Australia’s History Festival.

My best wishes,

Councillor Raelene Telfer

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