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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

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Many happy (belated) returns for the New Year! Council has been off to a very active start to the year, commencing with a weekend planning day in January, which set out a clear path forward on a number of activities.

Recently Council established four additional committees to address critical issues such as: urban planning, infrastructure, people & culture as well as our holistic strategic approach. Council has been particularly blessed to have four independent members who bring many years of expertise in their respective fields, and who I believe will coach and guide us to achieve realistic and tangible outcomes - my personal mantra.

Additionally Council has also activated a working group of interested members, myself included, to address the long standing matter of our streetscapes. The working group will be looking at: street trees, footpaths, verges, water collection and irrigation matters. The goal of the working group is not only to have a policy on each element, but also to re-set the budget allocations for these fundamental services. The fruits of this work will take many years to realise, but the benefits should start flowing over the next financial year as we seek to lift our standards.

Budget time is nearly upon us again and it is critical we drive down the inflationary pressure on household incomes. Council must do its part in reducing the financial burden and at the same time deliver new infrastructure and deliver essential services better – a challenge I am up for.

Warm Regards, Luke.

Councillor Luke Hutchinson

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