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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

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As the scientist of the group I have been very happy with our progress lately, with Council resolving to place a large sum of money in next year’s budget for energy related initiatives. These range from LED lighting and building efficiency, to solar infrastructure for some of our buildings.

The first part of this initiative was to investigate reducing the amount of power we consume, through optimisation of our lighting, heating and cooling. Payback periods range for these items between two and five years and we will be going ahead with several of them at several different venues throughout Council.

For solar, the numbers are large but this is a good investment for our Council. Paybacks of the order of six years have been indicated and I believe that this is essential if we are to ever look at significantly reducing our power bills. Our figures show that somewhere near 30% of Adelaide has some form of solar infrastructure and it is about time Marion stepped up in this space. It is my to intention try to use a
local provider for this infrastructure to further support SA.

We have also kicked off our new committees and of particular significance to me is the Urban Planning Committee. I am interested in receiving feedback on how residents think Marion should look going forward, as we are currently debating this and have a few progressive ideas I would like to test.

Councillor Nathan Prior

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