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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

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Well, I now have a presence on YouTube and Facebook, where I’ll share information and comment. Just search for “Nick Westwood Councillor”.

I have attended various events, including the Mayor’s multi-cultural evening, where we were treated to some interesting and entertaining international music and dance performances; really worthwhile being there.

Council has been overseeing various projects, while keeping an eye on the budget. A number of Councillors focussed on ‘reducing rates’ in their election campaigns. It is an appealing idea, but a 1% to 2% reduction in rates only comes to something like a dollar or two per week per household, which won’t buy much. I want to moderate the annual rise in rates, and to make sure we spend that money effectively on our residents.

I aim to support, or initiate, the improvement of our many buildings and associated facilities, so that our residents can have the benefit of better change rooms, for instance, and improved playing fields and courts, and a reasonable standard of air conditioning.

Too many of our sporting and community facilities have deteriorated to a point where we now need to spend some money on bringing them up to a reasonable standard.

I would also like to reduce barriers to residents using facilities to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We need increased capacity to cope with the many children and others who are on waiting lists, and hopefully reduce the fees that community organisations are paying to the Council.

Councillor Nick Westwood

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