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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

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Dear residents

We are now well into the second year of the new Council term and gee our new Council and management team is starting to make a difference in lifting services and quality of life in our City, whilst at long last containing the runaway rates collection increases.

My batting for better streetscaping is aimed to make an ugly duckling develop into a graceful swan. We're beginning to stand back from the canvas now to create a 'picture' effect rather than simply banging in trees here and there.

Rates is another favourite 'baby' of mine. My motion for a total revision of the rates system is planned for April, as this edition is reaching you. My reckoning is that if your property is being valued at much more than 80% of its market value, you're probably paying too much in rates.

In my own Ward, Hallett Cove is now receiving a 'kick-up' with improving soccer facilities, but sadly my five years of effort to address the grotty presentation of the entrance to Marino at Schofield Rd is still met with a selfish 'thumbs down' from property developers, Gasparin and Brazzale.

Gentlemen, please bear in mind we ratepayers have long memories!

My thought for this quarter: I visited the outstanding 'Spirit of Anzac' exhibition recently and felt that a way in which we might 'salute' the many fallen and their families is to do that much more to aid a community member in need.

Councillor Tim Gard

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