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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

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Marion Outdoor Pool

The master plan for the Marion Outdoor Swimming Centre will soon come to Council. It contains suggested improvements based on ideas from the community, users and aquatic leisure experts; along with information on how these can increase enjoyment, accessibility, efficiency, patronage and revenue.

Council will consider the master plan with various options such as a splash pad area, better change rooms, hydrotherapy equipment, heating improvements and extra slide. The plan is likely to recommend staged improvements to allow Council to focus on other community priorities.

Park Holme Library

Did you know the Park Holme Library on Duncan Avenue was opened on the 7 February, 1959 and was called the Pitman Library? It offers the same activities as all Marion Council libraries and the only toy library apart from the one at Cove Civic Centre. It provides a quiet space with easy parking, especially for residents who have limited mobility and parents with pushers.

After almost 60 years, locals love Park Holme Library. Since July 2014 it has attracted 29% (237,053 of 816,329) of all library visits in Marion and 32% (457,169 of 1,427,258) of all borrowings.

I am proud to be part of a Council that values all our libraries - this was demonstrated by Council opening the $13.4 million Cove Civic Centre last year. Libraries are important for learning, activities, events, reading and are free to use.

Check out Marion’s libraries whether it’s Park Holme, the Marion Cultural Centre, Cove Civic Centre or our Library at Home service. Libraries have something for everyone.

Councillor Jason Veliskou

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