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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 51 - April 2016.

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When people talk about “the Council” it can mean one of two different things.

Technically "the Council" comprises 12 Elected Members and myself. We set the broad directions and goals for our community, including rate levels, budgets, and which projects and services to develop.

Although we receive a healthy allowance, we are essentially "volunteers". Apart from the structured meetings every Tuesday night from late January to mid-December, most of us spend many hours each week meeting with staff, each other, and residents (and generally responding to resident requests).

I spend about 25 hours each week on Mayoral duties, while still running my own business in the morning. The Mayor is also provided with a car - I insisted on paying for when the car is used for other than Council business.

The Elected Members of Council only get to direct one employee, the CEO, Adrian Skull. It's his job to employ, lead and manage the hundreds of paid staff in implementation of the decisions of the elected Council.

We are one third of the way through this term of Council. Last year we achieved huge budget savings. Those savings allowed us to set the lowest annual rate rise we'd had for 15 years, and reduce the debt levels agreed to by the previous Council. We completed the Cove Civic Centre, the City Services building and a playground at Edwardstown. Plans are firming up for improved sports facilities at Edwardstown, Mitchell Park and south of O'Halloran Hill.

I welcome your thoughts on how we are going.

Mayor Kris Hanna

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