Plan to diversify housing

Read about the Council's plans to create opportunities for mixed use developments.

Marion Council is seeking to broaden the diversity of housing across the city and create opportunities for mixed use developments, which could incorporate apartments, shops and offices, by amending its Development Plan.

The Development Plan is a State Government endorsed document which guides the type of properties that can be developed.

Amending the plan could see:

-       Older commercial properties adapted for mixed use

-       Higher density residential developments in appropriate areas, including close to transport corridors

-       Mixed use developments in activity centres

-       Inner-suburbs character housing protected from ad-hoc development by a low density policy

The process of changing the plan requires a Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to be approved by the Minister for Planning.

This involves a number of stages, including lodging a Statement of Intent (SOI) with the Minister of Planning, which Council did in June this year. The SOI is essentially a ‘project brief’ that details what is being proposed.

If the SOI is approved, a DPA will be prepared for public consultation, the outcomes of which will be included in a report to the Minister for Planning who will then make a decision.   

The DPA aims to support directions outlined in the State Government’s 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

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