Countdown to dog park opening

Read about how dog owner's will be counting down the days till the opening of Marion’s first dedicated dog park.

Dog owners are counting down the days until they can let their pooches run free in the City of Marion’s first dedicated dog park.

Mayor Kris Hanna will officially open the Reserve Street Reserve dog park, which is in Trott Park, at a community event on Sunday, 4 September.

The 10,000 sq m off-leash area will be surrounded by a 1.8m fence with three airlock gates and include a turfed area, two drink fountains and dog bowls, two benches and landscaping.City Limits - Issue 52 - August 2016 - Countdown Dog Park Opening

The park cost $226,000 with Council providing $126,000 and the State Government $100,000.

Local resident Michelle Anderson is excited about the prospect of letting her two Labradors off the leash.

“I can’t wait to take my dogs for a run in the park because they will get more exercise than if I take them for a long walk,” Ms Anderson said.

“Backyards are getting smaller, so it’s important to have a place where dogs can run around.”

The initial concept plan for the park included a 4150 sq m off-lease area. Council voted to double the size to about 10,000 sq m in October last year after community consultation showed residents wanted it to be bigger.

Reserve Street Reserve includes a playground, barbecue and kickabout area which is separated by the fence around the dog park.

Work to build the park began in April.

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