Free advice for small business

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Aspiring entrepreneurs and established business operators can maximise their chances of success through a free advisory service.

The Tonsley Small Business Advisory Service is working to grow companies in southern Adelaide by providing guidance on everything from writing a business plan to marketing and developing new products.

When Trevor Strother set up a business aimed at improving the safety performances of companies in March he was confronted by a myriad of red tape.City Limits - Issue 52 - August 2016 - Free Advice for Small Business

“Although I’m experienced in my field of work I needed guidance on starting a company,” said Mr Strother, who is the director of Safety Culture Development.

“Bob Sloan at Tonsley Small Business Advisory Service took me through the process so I could get to work quickly.”

Tonsley Small Business Advisory Service is a partnership between the City of Marion and the Department of State Development and is based at the site’s Co-Hab building.

Contact manager Bob Sloan for details on 8374 2844 or

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