Back to the future for former Mitsubishi engineer

Read about Mark Fusco's journey into his new office at Tonsley.

When Mark Fusco walked into his new offices at the Tonsley innovation precinct in February this year it was a case of back to the future for the former Mitsubishi employee.

Returning to the site where he spent 17 years as a tradesman, production engineer and manager for the car manufacturer as the head of Advanced Focus - a business that has a multimillion dollar turnover and employs 12 people - did not seem likely when Mr Fusco left Mitsubishi in 2005.

But, that same year, Mr Fusco set up a company that is boosting the efficiency of manufacturers and service companies by helping them work smarter.  

“We work with business to increase the value of what they do through improving their processes. This can include introducing them to new technology, planning new facilities, teaching skills and managing change,” Mr Fusco, 45, said. City Limits - Issue 52 - August 2016 - Back To The Future

“We’ve helped companies across more than 40 sectors and have been involved in everything from changing the way health clinics operate to how chicken meat is processed.”

Key projects have included slashing the time it takes Tonsley-based Siemens Energy to service gas turbines and redesigning the Australian Submarine Corporation’s fleet maintenance system.

“Improving Siemens Energy’s processes in their train gear box maintenance improved productivity by 30 per cent,” Mr Fusco said.

“We also helped save the Australian Submarine Corporation hundreds of millions of dollars by reducing its service times for major maintenance by more than 40 per cent.”

With clients throughout Australia in sectors including advanced manufacturing, resources and energy, government and services, defence and food and beverage, Mr Fusco said the business had progressed a long way in 11 years.

“At first I worked from the kitchen table at home, then I took on staff and one day my wife saw us crowded together and suggested we find a proper office, so we then operated from a few different premises” he said.

“Being based at Tonsley is making it easier to collaborate and innovate… it’s a great place to do business.”

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