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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 52 - August 2016.

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Building community through local sport

We are at our best when we are part of a community. Council can help build a sense of community by improving how it supports local sports clubs.

In 2010, Council set up the Community Facilities Partnerships Program (CFPP). It was designed to encourage sports clubs in council facilities to raise money from their own and/or alternate sources. Council would add to funds through CFPP to help them improve facilities.

This program was designed to spread costs between the clubs, grants and Council, however few clubs have accessed this money; which says to me Council needs to do something different.

One option is for Council to be more proactive in promoting CFPP.

The second is to provide support and knowledge to clubs to ensure they are best positioned to apply for external grants, and we can also help with long term planning. Many clubs struggle to get enough volunteers for their regular activities, let alone have the time to plan and apply for grants.

The third is to look at what know-how and support is available to ensure clubs stay viable.

This case management approach is currently being trailed and is having positive results.

Promoting team sport and physical activity to our young people has never been more important. I am proud of the clubs and the role they play in this and the physical, social and community benefits this brings.

I will continue working within council to support our sports clubs in their role of building community.

Councillor Jason Veliskou

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