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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 52 - August 2016.

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This wet winter can be regarded as a 'pain in the neck' or as good water into the soil and a welcome change from our 'dry gulch' year just gone. In a sense, that's where we are on Council, doing the hard and testing yards in order that residents might harvest the benefits now and into the future.

We're at last on the way with a streetscaping approach for which I've been pitching since  before my election. As things develop in future years, all residents will start to reap the benefits. Council seeks to improve things on the broader scale and not merely skim the edges.

Our decision to throw the gauntlet down to the Local Government Association is another example, as mediocre service and communication at 'top of the poll' prices does not bode well for the future. I'm pleased to convey that my motion recently to ask for a review of the currently inefficient processes of the Valuer General was also successful.

It's time for contemplating restructures and for greater teamwork between Councils, so that you, the resident, receives better service and government at the best price. If we are to suffer an 'absurd' three levels of government, as described by a former PM of note, then it's mandatory that all three levels are running at peak efficiency.

As an active member of the Strategy Committee, I look forward in coming months to donning the thinking cap and invite your comments. If so, please contact me.

Best wishes… and stay warm.

Councillor Tim Gard

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