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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 52 - August 2016.

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The reformist agenda of the current Council continues and seems to be determined not to leave many stones unturned or many sacred cows retained.  Scrutiny applies to all of our subscriptions with regards to value for money, including that of the LGA. I do not believe that our Council is receiving good value for money for the $94,000 per year LGA membership fee.

Seeking to achieve a fairer and equitable LGA membership fee for Marion remains a work in progress. Adverse legacy issues resulting from the previous administration continues to haunt this Council, in particularly property/facility leasing. Many of such leases were simply incredulous and are being changed as they expire as many clubs have paid through the nose as others paid literally nothing?

Rate increases continue to fall, this year 2.5 %. At the same time, Council is about to begin a number of major projects across the city. All assessed and costed as being affordable and sustainable by our Finance Committee.

Did I mention the Oaklands Crossing? Well! They (Government) seem to be really talking about it now? With a substantial financial pledge from a Federal Member subject to a State commitment to the project and now would you believe a substantial financial pledge by the State Government subject to Federal funding, what could possibly go wrong? Are we getting core promises or non-core promises? In any event let me assure you that your Council's campaign, on your behalf for the Oaklands Crossing continues with vigor right up until the contracts for construction are signed.

Councillor Bruce Hull


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