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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 52 - August 2016.

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2016 has delivered another fantastic budget result for residents of Marion. A 2.5% increase is far more palatable whilst still providing the funding required to move forward on our priority community projects.  This low increase is a tremendous achievement given many years of rate increases well above CPI and I think you will agree it’s long overdue.
Another great achievement has been the campaign to get the Oaklands Park Railway Crossing moving! The resources expensed on this campaign has been well worth it and is evident by the Federal Government’s $40 million commitment. Our ongoing campaign means that we will continue to encourage the State and Federal Governments to provide the balance of funding for the solution. The economic and social opportunities the project presents will only further bolster the inner south as a modern and connected community to live, work and play.
Our LGA membership debate has sparked significant interest in our council’s future direction. The intention of council in attempting to protect public value was certainly admirable. Red tape is something we want to reduce and all indications suggest that the LGA are considering public value in the direction they are heading.  The opportunity cost of membership was lost in the debate; both in direct opportunities for funding (which Marion has been a recipient of) as well as indirectly through having a seat at the table. With the recent confirmation of our membership we must now take the opportunity to actively reform from within.
Warm Regards, Luke.

Councillor Luke Hutchinson


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