Dog Registrations

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The City of Marion promotes and supports responsible dog ownership.

It is important to register your dog each year so if it becomes lost, we can contact you to reunite you with your pet.

All dogs three months or older are required by law to be registered with their local Council within two weeks of ownership.

Moved into City of Marion?

If you have recently moved from another Council area to the City of Marion, you are required to transfer your dog's registration within 14 days.


Dog registration fees for 2017-2018

Standard Dog = a dog that is both desexed and microchipped

Non-Standard Dog = all other dogs, even if they are exempt from rules around desexing or microchipping, such as dogs belonging to registered breeders, working livestock dogs, etc.

Description Fee                 Pensioner fee
Full registration  (NS) $70 $35
Desexed  (NS) $42 $21
Microchipped  (NS) $63 $31
Trained   (NS) $63 $31
Trained & Desexed  (NS) $35 $17
Desexed & Microchipped  (S) $35 $17
Microchipped & Trained  (NS) $56 $28
Desexed, Microchipped & Trained (S)   $28 $14
Working Dogs $17 $17
Assistance Dogs (Guide, Therapy, Disability) $0 $0
Transfer of registration $9 $9
Replacement Tag $9



Dog registration discounts

There is a range of discounts available for dog registration fees, detailed above. When applying for a discount, evidence will be required to gain the discount. This includes:

To qualify for a Pensioner Concession, one of the following cards in the name of the person registering the dog, must be presented at the time of payment of registration (whether it is a renewal or a new registration).


Dog registration renewals

Dog registration renewal notices are sent out each year as dog registrations expire on 30 June.

The registration expires at the end of each financial year and must be renewed with payment by 31 August each year, otherwise a $15.00 late fee and an expiation notice for having an unregistered dog will apply.

Please note the onus is on the owner of the dog to re-register the dog each year, regardless of whether a renewal notice was received or not. The onus is also on the owner of the dog to advise Council if the dog has moved, been sold, given away or is deceased.

Dog tags

A confirmation letter will be sent with your dog's unique tag within 5 days of receipt of your payment. Registered dogs are issued with a tag each year, which must be worn by the dog at all times to help identify the dog if it becomes lost, and to reunite it with its owner.

Payment options


AUSTRALIA POST - (Service only available until 31 August)


New dog registrations

New dog registrations can be made in person by visiting the City of Marion or emailing in the application form to

You will need to bring photo identification and any concession cards at the time of registration. You will also need to provide copies of desexing, microchipping and certified training certificates if you wish to claim a dog registration discount.



Transfer of ownership and/or change of address

If a dog is going to be kept at a different address from where it was registered for more than 14 consecutive days, then the dog must be re-registered in the new area.

See the below scenarios to determine what you need to do:

Please note: If your change of address applies to other accounts within Council such as rates, you need to fill out a Change of Name or Address Form.


Where do registration fees go?

Registration fees enable Council to:

20% of dog registration income goes directly back to the Dog and Cat Management Board to enable Council to become a member of the Board which:


Further information

For further information, please contact:

City of Marion
Customer Service Centre
Phone: 8375 6600
Fax: 8375 6699
Post: PO Box 21, Oaklands Park SA 5046
In person: 245 Sturt Road, Sturt SA 5047 


T: +61 8375 6600 | E:
245 Sturt Road, SA 5047, Australia
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