Civil Engineering Infrastructure - Standard Drawing Index

Standard Drawing Index provides standard details relating to Civil Engineering Infrastructure. 

This information is relevant to engineers and consultants in the preparation of documentation for Development Applications or Civil Engineering Works. 

It is also relevant to the general public for minor construction works on City of Marion Council land or easements, e.g. driveways, drainage, trench reinstatement, footpath reinstatement.

Kerbs & Channels

SD01 - Barrier Kerb & Channel, Driveway Invert & Spoon Drain (221 kb)
SD02 - Mountable Kerb & Channel, Alternative Spoon Drain & Traffic Island Kerb (229 kb)


SD03 - Concrete FootpathCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2003 (158 kb)
SD04 - Brick Paved Footpath for Residential Land DivisionsCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2004 (126 kb)

Stormwater Side Entry Pits & Junction Boxes

SD05 - Lintel Type Side Entry Pit in Barrier KerbCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2005 (111 kb)
SD06 - Lintel Type Side Entry Pit in Mountable KerbCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2006 (111 kb)
SD07 - Side Entry Pit Construction for Precast Concrete Lintel InstallationsCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2007 (127 kb)
SD08 - Typical 900 x 900 Junction Box Detail for Typical Road InstallationsCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2008 (129 kb)
SD09 - Support Bracket Type Side Entry Detail for Mountable KerbCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2009 (106 kb)

Kerb Ramps

SD10 - Kerb RampCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2010 (138 kb)
SD10A - Kerb Ramp PlacementCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2010A (152 kb)


SD11 - Typical Roundabout Construction Details for Central, Splitter and Traffic IslandsCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2011 (170 kb)

Stormwater Easement Connections

SD12 - Allotment Connection for Easement DrainCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2012 (35 kb)


SD13 - Standards of Construction for Concrete Crossover Driveway AccessCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2013 (227 kb)
SD14 - Standards of Construction for Brick Paved Crossover Driveway AccessCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2014 (245 kb)
SD15A - Maximum Level Difference of Carport/Garage Below RoadCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2015A (176 kb)
SD15B - Maximum Level Difference of Carport/Garage Above RoadCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2015B (156 kb)

Road Restoration

SD16 - Default Minimum Road PavementCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2016 (128 kb)

Stormwater Drainage Trench Construction

SD17 - Stormwater Trench Reinstatement in RoadsCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2017 (145 kb)
SD18 - Stormwater Trench Reinstatement in FootpathsCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2018 (158 kb)
SD19 - Stormwater Trench Reinstatement in ReservesCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2019 (132 kb)

Trench Reinstatement for Other Services

SD20 - Road Restoration by Others - Council RequirementsCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2020 (150 kb)
SD21 - Footpath Restoration by Others - Council RequirementsCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2021 (162 kb)
SD22 - Restoration of Reserves by Others - Council RequirementsCivil%20Engineering%20Infrastructure%20Downloads%20-%20Standard%20Details%2022 (129 kb)


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