Creation of Tonsley suburb

A portion of the Clovelly Park suburb has been renamed to Tonsley. Find out how to get help changing your address.

Government Gazette Notice 27 Jan 2017

In 2016 Renewal SA and the City of Marion applied to have a portion of the Clovelly Park suburb renamed to Tonsley.

Following public consultation with residents and businesses by the City of Marion, that application has now been endorsed by the Office of the Surveyor General and approved by the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

The name change was published in the Government Gazette on 27 January 2017 and the area will now be known as Tonsley.


Which part of Clovelly Park is changing to Tonsley?

The area to be renamed Tonsley is occupied by:

  • The Tonsley Innovation Precinct.
  • Commercial land north of the precinct.
  • Residential land south of the precinct to Sturt Road to Tonsley.


What residents and businesses need to know

Residents would have received a letter during the consultation process, explaining how Council and the State Government will advise Australia Post and Emergency Service organisations, as well as update Certificates of Title and Council rates information.

As a resident and/or business in the renamed area, you will need to:

  • Advise all utilities, institutions and organisations of the change of suburb name;
  • Advise friends and family of the change of suburb name;
  • Update business websites, letterhead, signage, etc to reflect the change of suburb name, and
  • Use the new suburb name in all communication as soon as possible.

Australia Post will continue to deliver to your existing address for a period of six months. You will need to have changed your details by this time. Your postcode will not change and remains as 5042.

Please be aware that most services/agencies receive the address information updates via Australia Post data, however there may be a delay from the gazetted announcement and the suburb name being available to be updated. We ask you continue to try for three months and if you still can not make the change, please let us know.

Need some help?

Council wishes to support residents through the suburb name change process as much as possible. If you have any other queries or require any additional assistance, please contact Georgie Johnson.

City of Marion: 
Georgie Johnson
Phone: 8375 6679