Dry Zones

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What is a Dry Zone Area?

  A ‘Dry Zone Area’ is an area where the consumption or possession of alcohol is prohibited.


Why do we have Dry Zones?

Dry Zones are public areas which have been declared alcohol-free in order to reduce alcohol related, public, anti-social behaviour as well as increase the sense of safety in the community.


Where are Dry Zones?

There are currently a number of areas in the City of Marion which have been designated as Dry Zones, these locations are:

These restrictions apply seven days a week throughout the year.

The consumption and/or possession of alcohol is not permitted. This includes possessing alcohol in 'open containers'. A recorked or temporarily resealed container is still considered an open container.


How do I know if I am in a Dry Zone?

Dry Zones are marked with specific signs, as per example below.          







How are Dry Zones enforced?

Dry Zones are enforced by Police.

For Police attendance please telephone 131 444.



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