Reuse of Grey Water

Grey water is usually regarded as waste water from the bath/shower, basin, laundry and kitchen.

Care should be taken as to what greywater is used to irrigate due to the detergents, soaps and shampoos that may be present in the water.

Greywater may also contain disease causing organisms, chemicals, dirt, lint, food, hair, body cells, fats, along with traces of urine, faeces and blood. For this reason care must be taken when reusing greywater.

Manual bucketing of greywater onto lawn and garden areas using water from the bathroom or laundry, or temporary use of a hose manually fitted to the washing machine outlet hose, is permitted subject to the following advice:

Permanent greywater systems such as diversion devices or treatment systems, or any device attached to plumbing, can increase the use of greywater. However due to potential risks associated with greywater, permanent devices require installation approval from the City of Marion and the Office of the Technical Regulator.


Further information

Further information on wastewater and greywater reuse can be found on the SA Health website.


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