Birds and Poultry

Council does not specifically limit the numbers of birds and poultry a resident may keep, as long as the conditions in which the birds are kept meet general health and hygiene standards and the birds do not become a nuisance to neighbours, e.g. by excessive noise or smell.

To assist residents in properly maintaining their poultry, Council has a brochure entitled Poultry Brochure(196 kb) which can also be collected from the Administration Centre at 245 Sturt Road, Sturt. If you would like a copy mailed to you, please phone 8375 6600.

Noisy bird and poultry complaints

How do I lodge a complaint about a noisy bird?

Please be advised that all complaints must be initiated in writing and the below form must be fully completed:

It is important to understand that this form is a legal document which must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace and may be produced in Court as evidence. 

Please see form for more detail.

The complaint form can be submitted to the City of Marion via one of the following methods: 

Fax: 8375 6699
Post: PO Box 21, Oaklands Park SA 5046
In person: 245 Sturt Road, Sturt SA 5047


What happens next?

On receipt of the Initial Registration Noisy Bird Complaint Form, the Community Safety Team will contact the bird owner to advise them of the situation and their responsibilities in regard to ensuring the bird does not cause a noise nuisance. 

Complainant information is kept confidential. 

If subsequent complaints indicate there has been no resolution with regard to the nuisance, a noisy bird diary kit will be posted out. 

If data recorded in the diary suggests a nuisance the City of Marion may conduct an investigation


Why do I need to complete all this paperwork?

We understand it is frustrating having to fill in this paperwork, however it is a Local Government requirement that these forms are completed and received.

The initial form and the diary ensures a clear understanding of the nature of the issue.

Please note the City of Marion needs to remain unbiased in these situations, therefore requires your independent evidence when investigating a noisy bird complaint.

The initial form and diary will form part of the evidence presented in Court if appropriate and if Court proceedings are to take place the person making the complaint will be required to appear and give evidence at the hearing.


How long will the investigation take?

Because these investigations are complex, it is preferable to work with the bird owner to provide long term solutions.

We are unable to give you a projected completion date, however we will contact you to update you on the progress of the investigation and the final outcome. 

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, you are able to seek mediation and or lodge a civil complaint. 

Community Mediation Services
Phone: 8350 0376 or 1300 850 650 

Legal Services Commission / Legal Aid
Phone: 1300 366 424


T: +61 8375 6600 | E:
245 Sturt Road, SA 5047, Australia
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