Glenthorne Farm

The City of Marion proposes a partnering approach with Government, private land owners and the community to establish a publicly accessible and vegetated Great Southern Urban Forest (GSUF) surrounding the suburbs of Hallett Cove, Sheidow Park and Trott Park.

This concept has grown from the initial 'Greenbelt' which was identified in the Marion South Plan (2001-2003).

The GSUF incorporates key sites including:

  • Field River Valley
  • Glenthorne Farm
  • The Sheep Paddock
  • Hallett Cove Conservation Park
  • Marino Conservation Park
Greenbelt Background - Current Situation Greenbelt Background - Proposal
Current Situation Proposal



The Marion South Plan, which was launched in March 2003, proposed the establishment of a greenbelt around the southern suburbs of Marion to significantly improve the environmental management of substantial tracts of publicly and privately owned lands.

The City of Marion with the Department for Environment and Heritage and Planning SA prepared a Report for a Great Southern Urban Forest Report%20for%20a%20Great%20Southern%20Urban%20Forest (602 kb) (November 2005). The GSUF is supported and consistent with numerous State Government policies.

The GSUF proposes a long term vision to enable:

  • Development of a biodiversity corridor connecting the hills to the coast.
  • Protection and enhancement of existing waterways and land forms.
  • Increasing public access and recreational opportunities.
  • Investigating the potential for privately owned land to be transferred to public ownership.

This is a long term project which involves all levels of Government, a number of different institutions and the private sector as well as the community.

Further information

Further information on the area can be found on the Field River Environs page of the website which has details of community groups active in the area.