George Street and Dwyer Road Workshop

A workshop with the community was undertaken to discuss traffic volumes on George Street and Dwyer Road.

A workshop was undertaken on 10 September 2014 with local residents to discuss traffic proceeding through Oaklands Park and Marion utilising George Street and Dwyer Road.

The workshop looked at what makes the traffic volumes on George and Dwyer so high and what can be done about the traffic volumes.

A summary of the responses received in relation to 'what can be done' is now available. This document also shows the priority ranking of these responses as a result of the workshop and from other feedback from residents who could not attend.

Traffic data summaries utilised during the workshop are also available.

What is the next step?

Council staff will now undertake a preliminary investigation into the highest ranking responses and will keep you informed during the process and will provide updates via the City of Marion website.

Contact details

Comments or questions can be directed to:

Mark Griffin
Unit Manager Engineering Services
Phone: 8375 6600