City of Marion Business Plan 2016-2019

We are undergoing an exciting change where we are presenting a clear plan for the future and we want to hear what you think.

The Business Plan 2016-2019 explains the projects and programs Council will deliver over the next 3 years.

These actions will assist us to deliver our Community Vision for a community that is Liveable, Valuing Nature, Engaged, Prosperous, Innovative and Connected.

A snapshot of some of the commitments in the plan include:

  • Deliver excellent sports and recreation facilities, open space and playspaces across the city.
  • Design the final stages of the Oaklands Reserve Development.
  • Transition to safe and sustainable street and public lighting.
  • Strive for the opening up of Glenthorne Farm for community benefit in partnership arrangements.
  • Support our lease and licensing holders to develop their club capacity.
  • Pilot a project focused on the use of vacant commercial properties with local community groups.
  • Investigate ‘smart city’ technology and infrastructure opportunities.
  • Deliver the Tonsley Small Advisory Service, providing free advice to start up businesses.
  • Deliver a program to enhance streetscapes across the city.

There are many more projects and programs listed in the plan. To find out more about what projects will be delivered in your community, please visit our Making Marion website where you can complete an online feedback form or complete a quick poll.

Community consultation is open until Friday 19 August 2016.