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Council is a corporate body and can only make decisions by resolution. This means a motion must be put to a properly-convened meeting and can only be passed by a majority vote.

With the exception of the Mayor, who chairs the meeting, all members present at a Council meeting vote on every motion put to the meeting. The Mayor has a casting vote only if the voting is tied.

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General Council meetings are held in the Council Chamber at 245 Sturt Rd, Sturt on Tuesday evenings from 6.30pm.

Meeting dates for 2017 are as follows:

An agenda listing the issues and relevant reports for discussion at the meeting is made available to the public in advance so that everyone has the opportunity to be aware of matters before Council. Copies are available online several days before the meeting or hard copies can be viewed at the Council's Administration Centre or any of our three libraries.

To download agendas and minutes for each meeting, see below.

To find out more about the decision making structures of Council, visit the Council Meetings page.

Listen to council meetings
You can listen to audio from the general council meetings to hear what the Elected Members have been discussing. Please note that due to technical difficulties the audio is not always available for each meeting.

Previous agendas and minutes
To view agendas and minutes from before 2016, please view the Archive of agendas and minutes at the bottom of this page.


Agendas and minutes

October 24 2017
.pdf GC241017 Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC171024 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC171024 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC171024 - Audio Part 2 Audio
October 10 2017
.pdf GC171010 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC171010 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC171010 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC171010 - Audio Part 2 Audio
September 26 2017
.pdf GC170926 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170926 - Agenda Asset Optimisation - McConnell Ave Reserve Appendices 1-5 Agenda
.pdf GC170926 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170926 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170926 - Audio Part 2 Audio
August 22 2017
.pdf GC170822 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170822 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170822 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170822 - Audio Part 2 Audio
August 8 2017
.pdf GC080817 Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170808 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170808 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170808 - Audio Part 2 Audio
July 25 2017
.pdf GC170725 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170725 - Agenda Castle Plaza DPA Appendices 1-5 Agenda
.pdf GC170725 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170725 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170725 - Audio Part 2 Audio
June 27 2017
.pdf GC170627 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170627 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170627 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170627 - Audio Part 2 Audio
June 13 2017
.pdf GC170613 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170313 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170613 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170613 - Audio Part 2 Audio
May 23 2017
.pdf GC170523 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170523 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170523 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170523 - Audio Part 2 Audio
May 9 2017
.pdf GC170509 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170509 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170509 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170509 - Audio Part 2 Audio
April 11 2017
.pdf GC170411 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170411 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170411 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170411 - Audio Part 2 Audio
March 28 2017
.pdf GC170328 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170328 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170328 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170328 - Audio Part 2 Audio
March 14 2017
.pdf GC170314 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170314 - Minutes Minutes
.pdf GC170314 - Audio Unavailable Audio
February 28 2017
.pdf GC170228 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170228 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170228 - Audio Part 1 Audio
.mp3 GC170228 - Audio Part 2 Audio
February 14 2017
.pdf GC170214 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170214 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170214 - Audio Audio
January 24 2017
.pdf GC170124 - Agenda Agenda
.pdf GC170124 - Minutes Minutes
.mp3 GC170124 - Audio Audio

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