Edwardstown Oval Soldiers Memorial Ground


At the City of Marion we believe that our community should have access to a broad range of high quality sport and community facilities so that everyone has the opportunity to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

In April 2015 Council endorsed investigations being undertaken with peak sporting bodies, relevant clubs, funding bodies and agencies to seek partnering opportunities for the development of plans and potential funding solutions for the following sports infrastructure:


Current project


Edwardstown Memorial Sports and Community Club Board AGM

The Edwardstown Memorial Sports and Community Club Board invites all residents to attend their AGM and elections evening on Monday 27 November, to establish the next board and to continue this exciting redevelopment.

Staff from City of Marion will discuss the current progress of the project and highlight key timelines for the building phase of the project.

The board encourages anyone interested in joining, as we move to the operational planning phase of the project.

If you're interested, please contact the board at the below email address to discuss in more detail.

Date: Monday 27 November 2017
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Community Hall, Edwardstown Oval
Email: edwardstown.board@gmail.com


Join the project mailing list

Sign up now to to be kept informed of the project's progress:


Further information

Birgit Stroeher
City Activation
Phone: (08) 8375 6600
Email: birgit.stroeher@marion.sa.gov.au


T: +61 8375 6600 | E: council@marion.sa.gov.au
245 Sturt Road, SA 5047, Australia
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