Waste Management

Urban environments contain many sources of pollution that can contaminate our land, air and water. These can have a variety of impacts on our environment, on public health and on local amenity.

Generation and disposal of waste has substantial economic, social and environmental costs. Landfill sites for solid wastes can pose significant air, land and water contamination problems while in operation and long after they have been closed.


Our Waste Management Policy


Our response

The City of Marion plays an important role in providing:

Council also has compliance and enforcement responsibilities for littering and illegal dumping activities.

Waste management activities are approached through considering a waste management hierarchy, a model that ranks strategies for dealing with waste according to how successfully they conserve resources.

Waste avoidance and reduction are the optimal environmental approach. To the extent that this cannot be achieved, the reuse, recycling and recovery of waste are preferred. Treatment and disposal are the least preferred practices for waste reduction.

To manage Council’s environmental risks, support pollution prevention and waste avoidance in our operations and activities, the City of Marion has developed an Environmental Management System certified to ISO14001 standard.


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