Councils are responsible for managing their local area, planning for the future and creating a safe and healthy environment.

City of Marion does this by providing a range of services, facilities and programs which protect the well-being of people within their community, whilst ensuring equitable access by all residents and ratepayers.

The provision of services is one of the many ways that City of Marion responds to the needs of the community, with services provided being consistent with Marion's Strategic Directions.


What services do Council provide?

Every time you leave your home, you are using services provided by your Council. Some of the main services include local roads and drainage, waste and recycling management, library and information services, as well as recreation, sporting and cultural activities.

How are these services decided

The Local Government Act 1999 provides autonomy to Councils to determine policies with their communities about the nature and level of services provided. The range of services is in response to the needs and priorities determined by local communities.

Councils consult widely with the community and prepare strategic management plans in response, which guide their annual programs.


Councils must ensure that services are delivered in the most efficient and effective manner. Some of the services are statutory which means they are required by a law, and others are discretionary which means Councils choose to provide them.

Statutory services

Some of the statutory services which Council is required to provide by legislation include:

Discretionary services

Other discretionary services that Councils may provide include:

Further information

Explore this Services section of the City of Marion website to find out more about what services are provided to the community.

Should you be unable to find an answer to any of your queries on this site, please call our customer service centre on 8375 6600.


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