Mandatory Notification Form - Swimming Pools

This online mandatory notification form is to be used to notify Council of stages of work in regards to swimming pool developments.

Please note that when your swimming pool/pool spa is filled with water it must be surrounded by a compliant swimming pool safety barrier.

A temporary swimming pool safety barrier may be installed for a maximum of two months after the pool has been filled with water.

The permanent swimming pool safety barrier must be installed within two months of the pool being filled with water.

Section 59 of the Development Act, 1993 requires the following mandatory notifications to be submitted to Council 24 hours prior to the commencement of each stage.

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The following notifications must be provided to Council 1 business day prior to commencement or completion of each stage of works
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*Council must be notified at least 1 business day prior to pool being filled with water*

Completion of Temporary Swimming Pool Safety Barrier
Completion of Permanent Swimming Pool Safety Barrier
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