The City of Marion recognises that members of the community may wish to use public open space to commemorate a person or group of people through a memorial which adds to the value of the wellbeing of the community.

The City of Marion Memorial Policy provides guidance for the Council and the community to recognise people or groups of people within our public open space on Local Government land.

The policy has been developed acknowledging that, whilst memorials can enrich public spaces and are important for particular individuals and groups of people, they also need to be carefully considered to ensure they do not negatively impact on these spaces. 


Memorial Policy

The Memorial Policy only relates to memorials on Council owned or managed land, however the principles in the policy may be able to also assist applications for memorials on land owned by other stakeholders such as schools, churches, workplaces and nursing homes. 

This Memorial Policy was adopted by Council on 9 September 2014.


How to establish a memorial

The procedure and policy documents must be considered by applicants prior to assessment, approval and establishment of a memorial on Council land.

The Memorial Procedure provides guidelines in how to make an application and describes the decision making process.

Please contact Open Space Operations on 8375 6600 or for more information or assistance.


Application and costs

Please fill in the application form and submit to Council. Applications must be filled in and approvals granted prior to the installation of the memorial.

Please submit your application to :

City of Marion
Open Space Operations 
PO Box 21, Oaklands Park SA 5046

All costs of supply and installation of the memorial items including the plaque will be borne by the applicant. The applicant must make full payment upon approval of the memorial application. Please refer to the Fees and Charges schedule for costs.


Memorials and plaques

The City of Marion will undertake the ordering, supply and installation of the memorial.

A memorial item of park furniture, paver or tree must comply with the existing or proposed design or planting of that reserve.

Text for plaques must be approved by the City of Marion. Plaques will not accompany trees.

The City of Marion cannot guarantee that a memorial will be preserved or remain at the site indefinitely. 

Maintenance service levels in respect to memorials will be the same as the other assets of a similar nature across the Council area.

Types of memorials:

  • Recycled plastic seat and small plaque
  • Recycled plastic picnic setting and small plaque
  • Timber seat and small plaque
  • Timber picnic setting and small plaque
  • Shelter and large plaque
  • Large boulder/rock
  • Tree
  • Etched paver/commemorative space option