Cove Civic Centre Background

Project background

The City of Marion has been pursuing the development of new community facilities at Hallett Cove since its launch of the Marion South Plan in 2003.

The development of the Cove Civic Centre completed a $75 million upgrade to the Hallett Cove shopping precinct comprising the $12.9 million Patpa Drive and the $50 million redevelopment of the shopping centre by the Makris Group.


Community engagement

Two initial community design workshops were held on 6 and 20 August 2012 where the community attended to provide input into the design of the external spaces and forecourt area, as well as hear how their input had been considered in the more detailed design.

A workshop with local business groups was held on 4 April 2013 and a subsequent engagement workshop was held on 14 November 2013.

Past project updates


The Cove Civic Centre's design

The Cove Civic Centre design has been developed by interpreting elements from around the Hallett Cove area.

With its prominent location and bold design, the building will become an iconic landmark for the area. The facility will provide a dynamic and distinctive hub for community activity, housing a state of the art library and flexible community and business enterprise spaces.

An important function of the facility will be supporting local business, particularly those that are small or home-based, to compete more effectively and drive jobs growth.

Visitors will be welcomed into a spacious foyer where a polished concrete floor, wooden wall panels, art installation and a modern reception area are illuminated by natural light.

The building design has many sustainable features:

  • High–tech ventilation system connected to building management software, providing fresh air.
  • Roof mounted solar panels to reduce energy costs.
  • Rain water tanks to water harvest for reuse, for landscape irrigation and toilet flushing.
  • Energy efficient glazing to capture natural daylight.


Funding the project

Council allocated up to $10 million in its long term financial plan, and on 9 May 2012 was successful in receiving Federal Government funding for $3.4 million within the Federal budget.

The Commonwealth Government Budget papers contained the following statements:
"The Government will provide $3.4 million in 2011-12 as a contribution to the Cove Enterprise Hub in Hallett Cove South Australia. The Cove Enterprise Hub project will provide an improved library service, a community hall and expanded community and business meeting places."


Marion South Plan

Council has been implementing a range of initiatives in southern Marion as part of its long term Marion South Plan.

Local revitalisation efforts achieved in the south to date include the completion of Patpa Drive, the redevelopment of the Hallett Cove Shopping Centre by the Makris Group, and the development of the Boat Shed at Hallett Cove Beach.