Community Plan adopted

Find out about the our Community Plan, the 30-year vision for the City of Marion.

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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 45 - April 2014.

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A six-point plan to shape the future of the Marion community for the next 30 years has been adopted by council.

Marion Council approved the Community Plan – Towards 2040 in December following the biggest community consultation in the city’s history.

The innovative listening campaign was designed to discover what the community wanted their city to look like and the services it might need in the future.

The six themes in the Community Plan represent the shared values and aspirations that will guide the city’s development and included:

  • Engaged – The city will comprise a community which works together to make decisions and to build strong neighbourhoods.
  • Liveable – The city will be well-planned, safe and welcoming, which supports cultural and artistic diversity.
  • Biophilic – The city will connect with nature to enhance people’s livings while minimising the impact on the environment.
  • Prosperous – The city will have a diverse economy which attracts investment and jobs while providing access to education.
  • Innovative – The city will be a leader in embracing new technologies to create opportunities for all.
  • Connected – The city will be linked by quality transport networks that bring the community together while using technology to access services.

More than 16,000 separate pieces of information was obtained from residents, community groups and businesses to build the Community Plan.

The Community Plan will guide the development of a 10-year Council Plan, which will detail the contribution of council to achieving the community’s aspirations.

A copy of the Community Plan will soon be available on the City of Marion’s website - stay tuned!

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