Councillors' views - David Speirs

Read the final City Limits Magazine column by former Councillor David Speirs.

City Limits Magazine Issue 45 April 2014 Front Cover

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 45 - April 2014.

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Sometimes an opportunity arises that is so exciting it cannot be turned down. For me, standing for election in the state seat of Bright was one of those opportunities. It presented the chance to take my public service to the next level, advocating for my community in our state’s Parliament and partnering with local people to get things done.

It was a natural step from my role as your local councillor, a role which has been a great apprenticeship for me and which has taught me so much. 

My recent election to State Parliament means that I have now left the City of Marion and this is my last column in City Limits.

My time on council has been very fulfilling. I have achieved many of the things I wanted to when I first stood for election. Coastal Ward is a great place to be at the moment, with lots of projects underway. I’m excited to see the Cove Civic Centre rising from its foundations when I drive along Lonsdale Road and I’m proud that the council’s focus on its 8 km of unique and fragile coastline has been bolstered.

In closing I’d like to pay tribute to the leadership and passion of my co-councillor, Cheryl Connor, and our Mayor, Felicity-ann Lewis.  Both have shown me so much about what passionate, genuine grassroots leadership is all about. They are strong, inspiring leaders and we are blessed to have them contributing to our community.    

I look forward to catching up soon. 

Former Councillor David Speirs