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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 45 - April 2014.

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Rate Capping

A policy in support of rate capping, something which takes place interstate in NSW, has been announced by the Liberal Party.

Details are scant at the moment, but it is apparent that an essential services commissioner will oversee the rate.

Between the 2002/03 financial year and 2011/12, councils increased rates by 6.8 per cent in South Australia, according to the Liberal Party.

The Local Government Association of South Australia has come out in opposition to the policy.

LGA acting president Mayor Rosenberg said that the LGA had concerns that the implementation of the proposal “will cause further financial stress to councils with a resulting reduction in service and service delivery to communities.”

Despite the association’s view, it is a policy I support.  I think such a policy will help drive councils to operate in a leaner manner and that there are savings that can be made with negligible impact on the community.

I am also hopeful that whoever wins government will look at abolishing the National Resources Management levy, a tax imposed by the State Government which can add about 2.5 per cent to your rates bill.  If the NRM Board is an organisation the State Government thinks worthy of funding, it should do so itself, rather than lump councils and ratepayers with the bill.

By the time you read this column we will know the outcome of the election and hence whether or not the rate capping policy is likely to come to fruition.

Councillor Jerome Appleby