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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 45 - April 2014.

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Councils get their powers and responsibilities passed to them by state governments and NSW have had rate rise capping at 4.4 per cent for many years. SA has no rate rise capping and this has resulted in big variations in rates and services across councils.

In Marion, a family pays $ 1431.60 on a $400,000 home ($400,000 x 0.003579) but in Holdfast Bay another family only pays $1058.80 ($400,000 x 0.002647). This gap has been widening and will continue to do so unless different rates and services are provided by either or both councils.

For last year’s five per cent rate increase see General Council Minutes GC280513 pages 7 and 8 on the Marion Council website. The average over 10 years has been 5.075 per cent.

Rate setting is very complex for councillors, and in my view, a capped increase imposed by our State Government would help move our focus to savings and revenue sources. Savings can be identified and achieved, for example, the privatisation of the operation of Signatures Café.

Revenue sources could come from stimulated growth (the average over 10 years has been only 1.5 per cent per year), rezoning to improve house valuation, sale of unwanted assets, and jobs creation.

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Councillor Frank Verrall