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City Limits Magazine Issue 45 April 2014 Front Cover

This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 45 - April 2014.

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Not being one to shy away from the big issues, the proposal to cap council rates deserves discussion, so I would like to expand the conversation.

Firstly, one could say that the same could apply to State Government taxes being capped by the Federal Government, unlikely? Should ratepayers have a right to voice what level of services they would like to contribute to? My pragmatic outlook is that there are many opportunities for reform to save ratepayers a lot of money such as with executive salaries etc, so as to get more bang for your rate buck and keep your rates lower.

But the reality is service improvements require increased funding and long term financial plans require certainty as to how we fund the many budget items. There is a growing expectation for better parks, reserves, playgrounds and sporting facilities, to name a few.

So, how much would you be prepared to pay in rates and what does rate capping mean for you in real terms?

Over the many years I have tried to assess the council amenity you desire and your capacity to reasonably pay. It would seem that long term financial plans could be in jeopardy and the new council in November may have to rapidly adapt to a new way of things?

With regard to the next council election, why not consider standing for the position of Councillor or even Mayor? Remember, the best council has gender, age, academic and life experience balance. Those who intend to live in Marion are particularly encouraged to nominate. 

Councillor Bruce Hull