Marion Library Service - Quicker check outs at libraries

See how it's now quicker than ever to check out books, DVDs and CDs at Marion's libraries.

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This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 46 - October 2014.

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Library customers can now check out books, DVDs and CDs quicker following the introduction of a new electronic tagging system.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been installed in all of Marion’s libraries enabling customers to check out multiple items at once using self-serve stations. 

RFID has become increasingly popular in libraries and frees staff to spend more time helping customers.

Staff and volunteers fixed RFID tags to more than 120,000 items to instantly record when an item is checked out and returned.

Plympton Park resident Renae Ellis said the new system was easy to use. City Limits - Oct 14 - Issue 46 - Quicker check out for libraries

“I’m a regular visitor to Park Holme library and the new system makes it quicker to check out lots of items together,” Renae said.

“It’s even easy enough for the kids to help.”

RFID will also be used at the new Cove Civic Centre when it opens in early 2015.

People who cannot get to a library because they are aged, infirm or mobility impaired can have items delivered to their homes with the Library @ Home service.

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