Fund to preserve Marion’s heritage buildings

Read about the new Local Heritage Incentive Reserve Fund to help owners of heritage-listed buildings maintain and upgrade properties.

City Limits Magazine October 2014 This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 46 - October 2014.

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If you own a building of historic interest in the City of Marion you could be eligible for financial support to preserve the building for future generations.

Payments of up to $2500 are available from the City of Marion Local Heritage Incentive Reserve Fund to help owners of heritage-listed buildings maintain and upgrade properties.

The fund has been developed to reduce the financial burden of preserving heritage buildings by contributing to maintenance and conservation work undertaken by contractors.

Individuals, community groups, organisations, property managers and tenants of local heritage-listed properties in the City of Marion can apply for funding.

Financial assistance will be a direct subsidy of the costs of the work.

Each property will be eligible for up to $2500 per financial year, with not more than 30 per cent of any project being subsidised.

People may apply for funding for different projects in subsequent financial years.

The fund is designed to support the cost of eligible conservation work. This will generally include anything that assists in the restoration of the building to its original condition, including:

  • Wall, window, verandah, floor and roof restoration
  • Structural repairs
  • Repointing stone work
  • Salt damp repairs
  • Removal of paint and plaster from stonework or brickwork
  • Removal of graffiti

Any funding assistance that is granted will depend on certain conditions being met, including the use of appropriate colours, quality of workmanship, materials used and method of construction.

Funds are not provided for “self-labour”, and will only made available when it is confirmed that work has been completed to a satisfactory standard and matches the application.

Copies of invoices, receipts and other relevant information which authenticates project costs is required to claim payment.

For further information, please contact City of Marion’s Development Services on 8375 6685.

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