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Find out about a new advisory service for small businesses.

 This article appears in City Limits magazine - Issue 49 - August 2015.

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A new service dedicated to sparking growth among southern Adelaide’s 18,000 small businesses has opened at Tonsley.  

The free service targets entrepreneurs with an idea for a new venture as well as established operators by providing one-on-one coaching.

Companies are given guidance on everything from writing a business plan, importing, exporting and marketing to finding the right staff and developing a new product.

A partnership between the City of Marion and the Department of State Development, the Tonsley Small Business Advisory Service has been set up to meet the needs of smaller companies by working with them directly, manager Bob Sloan said.

“Speaking to people face-to-face is the most effective way of understanding what they want and helping their businesses achieve full potential,” Mr Sloan said.

“We step people through the process of establishing a company, help them take advantage of opportunities, and point them in the right direction if they need specialist assistance.

“Small businesses have huge potential as they can respond to change quickly and be a catalyst for innovation and growth.”  

Edwardstown manufacturer Delway, which employs 15 people, is working with the Tonsley Small Business Advisory Service as it shifts its focus from supplying high-end bathroom fittings and firescreens to new markets, including metal finishing.

Delway general manager Lisa Weidenhofer said having direct access to expert advice was helping the company prepare for the future.

“We are reshaping the business, so it’s important to have someone to discuss a broad range of issues with directly,” Ms Weidenhofer said.

“Talking to someone across a table is a great way to solve complex problems quickly and spark new ideas.”

The Tonsley Small Business Advisory Service operates from the Innovyz CO-HAB centre in the Mitsubishi Administration building, 1284 South Road, Clovelly Park.

If you are the operator of a small businesses, or want advice on a start-up, contact Bob Sloan on 8374 2844 or email 


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